CitiWatch Community Partnerships

Register your Camera with CitiWatch here 

CitiWatch Community Partnership is a cooperative community effort that helps police and prosecutors solve more crimes faster.


The Community Partnership is a voluntary registry of surveillance systems that will ease police access to video evidence when a crime occurs.


Joining CitiWatch can help create safer neighborhoods and an improved Baltimore.


The Community Partnership helps to improve relationships between residents, business owners, and the police. 

How does it work?

When residents and business owners register their cameras with CitiWatch, police have easier and faster access to the footage. Registration is completely voluntary and camera owners can choose not to participate at any time. Your information is only available to Baltimore Police and authorized personnel.

Do I need to install anything?

No. All we need is the information on the online registration form.

Will the city have live access to my camera feeds?

No. The CitiWatch Community Partnership register just contains basic information about the location, type and owner of a camera. Participants of CitiWatch are proactively contacted by the police if they believe your camera footage can be used in solving a crime.