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Police Districts

Police Districts

Central District

500 East Baltimore Street
(410) 396-2411

Commanding Officer(s)
Major John R. Bailey

Community Affairs Officers
Sergeant Charles Hess
P/O Barbara Watson
P/O Clarissa Field
P/O Sharon Talley

Southeastern District

5710 Eastern Avenue
(410) 396-2422

Commanding Officer(s)
Major Roger Bergeron

Community Affairs Officers
Sergeant Frederick Dillon
P/O Ronald Starr
P/O Eric Kowalczyk

Eastern District

1620 Edison Highway
(410) 396-2433

Commanding Officer(s)
Major David Cheuvront

Community Affairs Officers
Sergeant Frederick Stewart
P/O Crider
P/O Karen Long (Hot Spots)
P/O Gerald Price (Hot Spots)
P/O Amos

Northeastern District

1900 Argonne Drive
(410) 396-2444

Commanding Officer(s)
Major Antonio Rodriguez
Deputy Major Jodie McFadden

Community Affairs Officers
Sergeant Tserkis
P/O Ebony Lee
P/O Harry Klapaska
P/O David Blumberg
P/O K. Dickstein

Northern District

2201 West Cold Spring Lane
(410) 396-2455

Commanding Officer(s)
Major Michael Pristoop
Deputy Major Ross Buzzuro

Community Affairs Officers
P/O Doug Gibson
P/O Jonathan Gibson
P/O James Barnett
P/O Watler

Northwestern District

5271 Reisterstown Road
(410) 396-2466

Commanding Officer(s)
Major Keith Tiedemann
Deputy Major Nathan Warfield

Community Affairs Officers
Sergeant Daryl Smith
P/O D. Gaines
P/O Kenny Jackson
P/O S. Bennett (NWCP)
P/O Rodney Smith (Pimilco)
P/O S. Johnson
P/O M. Ginerva

Western District

1034 North Mount Street
(410) 396-2477

Commanding Officer(s)
Major Garnell Green
Deputy Major Scott Bloodsworth

Community Affairs Officers
Sergeant Latonya Lewis
P/O J. Fabula
P/O Lawrence Laprade
P/O B. Sloan

Southwestern District

424 Font Hill Avenue
(410) 396-2488

Commanding Officer(s)
Major Thomas Cassella
Deputy Major Delmar Dickson

Community Affairs Officers
Sergeant Dwayne Swinton
P/O J. Floravante
P/O D. Hurston
P/O R. Moten
P/O S. Daly
P/O V. Green
P/O E. Lemaire

Southern District

10 Cherry Hill Road
(410) 396-2499

Commanding Officer(s)
Major Michael McDonald
Deputy Major Charles Carter

Community Affairs Officers
Sergeant Anthony Proctor
P/O Dena Roney
P/O Joseph Schultz

Public Housing Unit

312 N. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
(443) 984-7371

Lt. Col Glenn Williams

Second in command is:
Lieutenant John Windle

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